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The idea that we live in a multiverse made up of infinite parallel universes, also called “alternate dimensions”, or “alternate timelines,” has been defended by various prominent physicists. In one of such hypothetical universes, the following conjecture may be taking place, and reflecting upon it may be utility-generating for scholars in various timelines:

Setting: undisclosed

Personal log:

It’s been almost 30 years since I stumbled upon this world and I still find so many cultural aspects fascinating. Their individualized-transportation units blunt force their way through the air when operated. This makes a vortex of disturbed air in its wake. That air is swirling with fine particles of matter that come from the local environment. These particles become a thin but visible layer on the I-T units. What’s fascinating is that the individuals find this layer visually displeasing. They engage in trade, reducing their stock of resources, to remove this layer in various ways, in a moment in time significantly before its buildup would actually require removal. If individuals were to correct this inefficiency from a resource-optimization viewpoint, they would be regarded negatively by peers. Particularly, they would be identified as individuals who fail to meet the social desideratum of salubrious.

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